The main resource for help with Perl 6 or Rakudo is the IRC channel irc:// It’s a friendly place — all are welcome. If you don’t have an IRC client installed on your system, you can use the web IRC service offered by freenode in your browser.

You may want to check out the many years worth of daily logs of #perl6. There’s usually a summarized log available for all but the current day, which you can reach with the “summary” link near the top.

Another very important resource is The Perl 6 Planet, that aggregates posts from Perl 6 related blogs in a single site. Currently, our main Planet at is off-line. There’s a bare-bones replacement available at

You can find our mailing lists and their archives on Additionally, gmane hosts a mirror with a slightly prettier archive for us. Just select one of the lists here and choose “using frames and threads” or “using a blog-like, flat interface”.