Bug tracker

Reporting bugs

Bug reports should be emailed to “rakudobug@perl.org”. Please include or attach any sample source code that exhibits the bug, and include either the release name/date or the git commit identifier. You find that information in the output from perl6 –version (or in the first line of git log, if Rakudo fails to build). There’s no need to cc: the perl6-compiler mailing list, as the RT system will handle this on its own.

If you find a bug in MoarVM or NQP, you can either discuss it on the IRC and have it reported for you, or you can submit an issue to the issue trackers on github for perl6/nqp or moarvm/moarvm.

We use Perl’s RT system (http://rt.perl.org/) for our issue and bug tracking system. Some shortcut links for various reports in RT:

* List of all new and open tickets
* Tickets blocking on test coverage
* Tickets marked “easy” (a.k.a. “low hanging fruit”)
* Tickets of NYI features (“not yet implemented”)
* List of new tickets