Rakudo Star Collection

This option contains the Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler, a collection of modules from the Perl 6 ecosystem, and language documentation. This is the most thoroughly tested release and is the recommended way to use Rakudo Perl 6.

You can also download one of the older releases.

Alternative Options

Pre-Built 3rd Party Packages

Install Rakudo Star using your favourite package manager.

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Compiler Only Installation

Install all the components separately.

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Using Rakudo

To run a Perl 6 program with Rakudo, issue a command like: perl6 hello.p6. To enter an interactive mode where each line of code is evaluated as soon as you enter it, run perl6 without any arguments.

You can try out Rakudo Perl 6 without installing anything, using online code execution services like Glot.IO and TIO