Main Development Branch Renamed from "nom" to "master"


If you track latest rakudo changes by means of a local checkout of the development repository, please take notice that we renamed our unusually-named main development branch from nom to the more traditional name master

This branch will now track all the latest changes. Attempting to build HEAD of the nom branch will display a message at some point during the build stage, informing that the branch was renamed. The build will then wait for user to press ENTER if they want to continue.

It's expected this change will cause some fallout and this page will be updated with any useful instructions, as needed. For more information join our #perl6-dev IRC chat channel on

UPDATE 1: the blocking message has been disabled for now, to avoid too much impact on any of the bleeding edge users' automations.


Rakudobrew has been updated to default to master branch now. Note that you need to upgrade rakudobrew to receive that change; run rakudobrew self-upgrade

Until updated, rakudobrew's standard instructions will build the no-longer actively updated nom branch. To build latest and greatest rakudo use rakudobrew build moar master instead of rakudobrew build nom.

In general, we advise against using rakudobrew if the goal is simply to track development version of the compiler. Instead, we recommend to build directly from repository. Regular end-users should continue using pre-built Rakudo Star distributions.