Rakudo Star 2011.08 released


As noted in a previous post, we had planned to issue a new release of Rakudo sometime around YAPC::EU, based on the new nom branch. The nom branch is a substantial redevelopment of the Rakudo compiler, and generally shows a 3x speed improvement over previous versions of Rakudo.

However, in the past few days at YAPC::EU, some extended testing exposed some significant regressions both in performance and features. So, rather than rush out a buggy release we've decided to spend a few more days cleaning things up a bit. Because of the magnitude of changes in the switchover to nom we had already planned to allow ourselves a fair bit of wiggle room in terms of exact release dates.

I expect releases to start as early as this weekend, or perhaps a few days after that. We definitely will have some August 2011 releases, they just won't be “exactly two days after the Parrot release” as has been typical in previous months. In the meantime, we continue to encourage existing users of Rakudo Perl to use the 2011.07 release of Rakudo Star.

More details as we make progress.